Defined by who we are

Cobra Corporate Services Limited established itself in the supply of dedicated Passenger Transport Services and Analyses in 1994. Cobra are a SAFE contractor accredited business, experienced in the design, implementation and monitoring of passenger travel solutions within the public and private sector. Our experienced team identify and supply appropriate sustainable travel management mechanisms as a complete and outsourced package to its clients. Supplying passenger transportation services across the United Kingdom, Cobra has seen its sevices taking over 1.5 million car journeys off the road in 2011 and this is set to double by the end of 2012.

Cobra give its clients the ability to integrate any type of passenger vehicle and associated seating capacity required. Cobra approach each client project by designing a solution and process best suited to meet the individual client needs, Cobra always develop a clear action plan to provide direction on needed service provision, or how service provision supplied can be further improved. Cobra has the wealth of experience and calibre of client that is testament to our dedication in supplying the very best in a complete and outsourced Passenger Transportation Solution .