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If you are situated on a business park, or a location that has inadequate links to public transport and need to enable staff the ability to get on to site via non SOV (Single Occupancy Vehicles) modes, (See Case study) our DTS solutions are the answer. When there is more than one business that requires the same DTS solution in close situ, Cobra supplies joint DTS by means of a shared service budget model.

One of our clients needed to implement a environmental transport plan when building their new European HQ in Hampshire.

"Cobra have been an integral part of making this plan come together. They run and maintain our three shuttle busses on a daily basis along with providing statistics on their usage. We find this service a valuable one and it is a central function of our company travel plan." Client Properties Dept

Cobra approach each client project by designing a solution and process best suited to meet the individual client needs, either for a single element solution or for a wider study and or a complete study for a specific service provision area. Whether the outcome confirms that the existing approach is successful or that change be it minor or substantial is required, Cobra always develop a clear action plan to provide direction on needed service provision, or how service provision supplied can be further improved.

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